65000 stats with a unique postflop implementation. Separate pop-ups for playing and analysis. Replenishable versions of the HUD.

- The HUD's and game Pop-Ups stats colors change depending on the playing style and are based on the medium-high stakes field tendencies.

- Ready-made trees for the Range Research feature. Learn how your opponents play in one click!

- Personal settings for the high stakes player.

- Maximum calculation speed.


- VIP support throughout the use of the config.

- Free updates at least every quarter based on user feedback.

- Compatibility with other configs without conflicts and loss of calculation power.



Unique pop-ups for analyzing post-flop strategies, more than 800k stats!

Modern MTT config including powerful pop-ups for game analysis divided into two components:

1. Mid + Low configs for playing and learning general hero strategies. 64k stats, 6 hads

2. High config for a detailed study ofpost-flop strategies. This version includes only single raise pots and contains 750k stats. 3Bet pots, BvB pots, and squeeze pots will appear in future updates.


1. VIP support

2. Working with feedback

3. Version for H2N4

4. Replenishable HUDs


Masterpostflop4.4 Mid

A simplified version of the modern MTT config MasterPostflop4.4.

Divided into 2 parts

1. Mid config - 57k stats, 6 huds

2. Low config - 13k stats, 6 huds


1. VIP support

2. Working with feedback

3. Available for H2N4

4. Replenishable HUDs