Advantages of Venom packs

-convenient logic of statistics in HUDs and pop-ups, which enables quick and effective use of gathered information

-statistics include a lot of commonly overlooked situations, allowing you to gain quite a significant edge over the player pool, as most of your opponents will not have such stats

-a pleasant color scheme and color coding will make it easy to get used to pop-ups, and your eyes will not be tired after long sessions

-this package includes several HUDs, from simple to more complex ones — choose the one that suits you best

-a package can easily be adapted at a client’s request, statistics can be added, moved or removed, which ensures additional comfort for you

-if you purchase the unlimited version, you can order a custom static HUD, and we will create it for you free of charge!

-you do not need to buy a full Hand2Note license to make full use of the package, it works perfectly fine on the free H2N version as well

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