How to install a package in Hand2Note 4

In this short manual we'll guide you step by step how to install your new HUD&Popups package in Hand2Note 4.

1. Download installation files

Right after the purchase, you'll be able to download your package archive (usually by Google Drive or Dropbox link). The archive should contain .h2npackage file - this it the main thing we need, and optionally some other files with screenshots and/or instructions from the developer.

2. Enter serial key in Hand2Note

You can find your serial key either in your mailbox or on your profile page on Once you have your key, open Hand2Note 4 and go to Configuration → Other, then enter your key.

3. Import your package

Select Tools → Import Package From File... in the top menu.

Select your .h2npackage file and then restart Hand2Note.

4. Set your new HUD and Popups

Go to Configuration → Game Types and select needed HUD and Popup profiles for every game type you play.

Then finally, click  Import → Clean & Rebuild Statistics in the top menu.


You can now enjoy your new HUD and Popups both for game and analysis outside the tables. Should you have any problems with the installation process, or additional questions regarding the package, feel free to reach out the package author. You have their contacts on the Orders page and in the email you get after the puchase.