TeamBAS MDA Spin Popups


Take your Game to the next Level with Board Texture Analysis

Analyse your whole Database and find Exploits/Leaks for REGs and Fish.

Includes all necessary Stats For Headsup and 3-Way related and split by Position and Stack Depth.

Available Advanced Stats for Deep Analysis Like Bet/Check/Fold or Calling Stats to Analyse the Range of your Opponents.

Calculate the precise Outputs on Betting Patterns For Flop, Turn, River.

You will find Multiple Board Textures Analysis in one Popup with total Ten Tabs for 3-Way and HU:

- General

- Ax Dry

- Ax Dynamic

- King/Queen-High (K8x and lower)

- Flop Two Broadway Cards

- Flop Mid Connected Dynamic

- Flop Low Connected Dynamic

- High Board Paired

- Low Board Paired

- Monotone Boards

- 1973 MDA Stats

- 192 Popup Panels

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