TeamBAS Elite Spin HUD


Dedictated for Multi-Tabling Grinders & High Stakes Players.

A Dynamic HUD including Dynamic Stats by Positions and Stack Depth for 3-Way and HU.

Dynamic Betting patterns which show your opponent tendencies on the specific street in action.

Popups with all necessary Stats to Analyse your opponent in game on and off table. This includes Stats by Stack Depth for Preflop and Postflop.

Basic Popup for Mass Data Analysis of your opponents

- Automatically Adding badges for Recreationals

- Player Action History

- Auto Switch between Simple HUD for Flashes/Nitros and Advanced HUD for Standard Spins

- 13 Main Popups with all necessary Stats to analyse your and opponent game on and off table

- Include Stats by Stack Depth for either Preflop and Postflop Game

- Popup for Deep Analyses Studies off-tables, including Stats vs REGs and Fishes

- Basic MDA Stats by Board Texture for BBvSB/ SBvBB 3-Way and HU

- Total 2481 Stats

- 2064 Stats used in Popups

- 136 Popup Panels

- 354 Stats used in HUDs

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