Systema Static HUD


Systema Static is a professional set of HUDs, Popups and statistics designed for getting the best experience and edge with Hand2Note. With this package, you will identify your opponent's leaks very easily and exploit them in a high level. Package contents:

- HUD #1 Tabs with hotkeys: This is one of the best static HUDs because it allows you to have a ton of stats divided into tabs, plus 5 useful hotkeys with the most important spots in the game.

- HUD #2 Tabs: Another HUD divided into tabs with the most accurate stats.

- HUD #3 Simple 3 Blocks: Another HUD variant with hotkeys.

- HUD #4 For anonymous tables: A minimalistic HUD for playing in rooms with anonymous tables like ignition/bodog.

- HUD #5 For Heads Up games: A special HUD only for Heads Up games.

- A collection of 28 Popups with 3 different styles.

- 14 custom Flop textures + Runouts for Turn and River.

- Custom - bet sizings for all streets.

All the HUDs are fully compatible with all supported rooms, without restrictions.

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